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The Beginning is in Sight

I talked to my doctors this morning during rounds, and they were ready to discuss a date for delivery. I told them during our meeting yesterday that I felt much more comfortable delivering between 32-33 weeks instead of waiting until 34 weeks. Today when we spoke they agreed, but want to deliver closer to 33 weeks (barring no complications/concerns in the meantime) in order to reduce NICU time for the girls. 33 weeks exactly would fall on a Saturday and a holiday weekend (July 3rd), so we agreed to schedule the delivery for Monday, July 5th.

One of my biggest concerns with delivering on a Monday was related to the rotations that the doctors do at this hospital. I have a new doctor every Monday who does rounds for the rest of the week, and there are 10 doctors in this practice. I believe I have met 6 of them. My concern with scheduling to deliver on a Monday was not knowing if this would be my first time meeting my doctor, which of course made me uncomfortable. The resident was kind enough to check the schedule to see who would be working. There have been 3 doctors that I've absolutely loved at this practice, and it just so happens that my #1 choice is doing rounds at the hospital on July 5th! Knowing this piece of information sealed the deal for me.

A cool fact about this doctor, is that she was the first one we saw at the MFM practice when I was confirmed to be carrying mono/mono twins. It seems especially fitting that she will be the one to deliver our girls, knowing that she saw me at the very beginning of my journey.

It seems like both a minute and a year ago that we first stepped into the MFM office, nervously awaiting our diagnosis. I'm so grateful to have made it this far, and am praying that the next 20 days to go smoothly, and our girls are delivered safely!

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