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A Mom of Miracles

I started this page as a resource for expecting mothers, as well as for family members and friends of someone expecting very rare monochorionic/monoamniotic, or "momo," twins.

When I first found out I was pregnant with these twins, I took to the internet to do some much needed research. To my dismay, Dr. Google's prognosis was very bleak, with the worst being a 50/50 chance of survival for these babies. If the pregnancy made it to viability (24 weeks), it was recommended to be admitted to the hospital for frequent monitoring until delivery at 32-34 weeks.

Scared and yearning for hope, I searched for blogs or personal experiences from other mono/mono mamas in hopes I'd find some success stories, but unfortunately there were little to no resources available.

I promised myself that if this pregnancy continued to thrive, I would share my experience with as many expecting momo mamas as possible; in order to shed some light on the pregnancy and give hope to what can feel like a very isolating journey at times. 

I will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this experience. I'll discuss what to expect during pregnancy, at each appointment, and during the inpatient stay. I will talk about my twin pregnancy while chasing around my busy almost 1 year old son, and how I am surviving my inpatient stay while being 2 hours away from him. Lastly, I'll talk about how I am maintaining positivity through all of the unknowns of this pregnancy and leaned into my faith when the cards were stacked against me.

Motherhood isn't picture perfect - it's full of ups and downs. It might not always be alright, but it's always all good.

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