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A Very Quick Update

Hi All!!

I’m so sorry for the delay in posting - 3 under 14 months is no joke!

However, the main reason for the delay is that our laptop had to be sent out for repairs (damn technology!). As soon as we get it back I will start posting more content. It’s way too hard to create posts from my cellphone and I don’t feel the quality is nearly what it is when I can work on a computer, so bare with me!

An update on the girls: they are wonderful!! Margo came home from the NICU on July 27th, on their one month birthday and Eleanor aka “Lenny” came home on the 29th. They have been doing exactly what preemie/newborns should be doing - eating, sleeping, and growing! I‘m enjoying lots of baby snuggles, chasing Silas around, and just overall having my whole family together under one roof. Everyone told me that eventually inpatient and the NICU would feel like a distant memory, and they were so right - I didn’t realize how quickly it would be wiped from my mind.

The girls had a weight check today at 6.5 weeks old and they are both 7 lbs (hello, twinning!), gaining over a pound each since coming home 2 weeks ago. They’re beautiful, they’re sweet, and most importantly, they’re here! Safe and sound in my arms….

So thats my quick update! Thanks to all for checking in. I promise once I get my computer back I’ll start adding a lot more content. Soon to come is info on navigating the NICU, C-Section recovery tips, surviving the first few weeks home with your babies, and so much more!!

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